F.Y.N. (Fulfilling Your Needs) Styling has been providing wardrobe service to photographers and models since 2002. Stylist and Photographer, Dolores 'DLo' Brown' is exceptional at realizing a client's vision and fulfilling their needs. With a background in theatrical costumes, Dolores was drawn towards styling soon after entering N.Y.C.'s competitive fashion market as a plus-size model.

With F.Y.N. you can be sure that your clothing will be properly prepped and ready to go! Dolores is knowledgeable about various materials and how they perform on camera. She is adept with fits and very efficient with her pulls. She can work from a limited selection to make something special. She loves to tell a story with wardrobe and finds beauty in people of any size, age or complexion.

Dolores is available for paid work with commercial, private and editorial clients. She recently relocated to Milwaukee, WI with her wonderpup Inu.

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